SMCS - Smart Meta Data Creation System

It is a metadata creation utility for Oracle Hyperion which cuts down the metadata update, metadata file creation and metadata development tasks to few minutes as compared to days or weeks.

Decrease PBCS deployment time by using SMCS

SMCS plays a vital role in this activity and is extremely beneficial in decreasing the proper metadata file creation activity to just few hours or couple of days as compared to weeks when you create the same manually.
Oracle PBCS service provides a platform for quick deployment of budgeting application by the customer utilizing the best of Oracle hardware and software applications over a robust and tested framework to not only lower the complete project cost but also to concentrate on core activities.

PBCS Deployment with SMCS :

Oracle PBCS deployment would still require implementation services and advanced consulting for ensuring a successful project and higher user acceptance from the transformational world-class solution. The said activities is coupled with overhead for Finance & IT team for provision of requisite data to the consulting team for proper application deployment.

Considering the time-starved finance function within an organisation, there are numerous cases noted for project delays on account of information not passed in proper format which assists the consulting organisation for quick deployment.

SMCS can assists the consulting organisation by requesting the information required for the application build and configuration activity in a very simple yet effective manner which can be very well related by the finance function while letting SMCS handle the rest of activity.

All that finance team is required to provide is the Accounts and Entity dimension in hierarchy (step based hierarchy) format alongwith bare minimal parameters like account-type and aliases, which is utilised to convert into the Hyperion loadable format by SMCS to run our program to generate the Hyperion acceptable file in proper load format.

This simple activity completed by SMCS can result in significant savings in terms of effort and time saved for the client:

  • Time taken by finance function for preparation of initial file
  • IT charge for preparation of additional reports with proper parameters available within the source systems
  • Time lost (by the client team and consulting partner) in co-ordination, explanation of exact requirement and getting the file in loadable format
  • Consultants time and effort required for conversion of client provided file into Hyperion loadable format
  • Management of changes within metadata is a challenge which consulting organisation prefer to avoid during deployment timelines
  • Pre-determined inbuilt checks within SMCS allows the client and consulting organisation to save highly precious time during the testing phase especially for the explicit share cases
  • Only tool to currently handle the accounting logic based property for aggregation and depreciation property warnings.
  • Empower your business users by providing them an interface to identify possible changes without diluting the admin privileges
  • SMCS can also help you in day to day operations wherein it can empower your business users to rename EPMA members directly from Excel

It is estimated that the usage of SMCS alone can result into higher business user satisfaction and lowering the effort of consulting partner by more than 2 weeks across the project timelines.

Sample Use Case (Proof-of-Concept)

Customer asks an Oracle partner sales representative to provide proof-of-concept on Oracle Hyperion Planning. The Pre-Sales consultant from the Oracle partner visits the customer and understands the systems and processes to be replicated within Oracle Hyperion Planning environment for the proof-of-concept. After these deep-dive sessions, the consultant starts preparing the metadata based on collected information. The entire process may take-up anywhere between couple of days to even couple of week. During the Proof-of-concept session, the customer has to put in a lot of effort since his entire accounts hierarchy is not part of the program. However, with SMCS, the senior consultant can directly ask for the actual accounts hierarchy (not parent child relationship) and showcase the entire hierarchy during the proof-of-concept. A major challenge in metadata creation is already resolved by SMCS and now the consultant needs to just focus on the task of integrating additional requirements within the hierarchy which anyhow he was to perform during the proof-of-concept.
This increases customer confidence within Oracle Hyperion and helps speed up the sales process.


  • Prominent focus on Accounts dimension incorporating accounting domain based logic.
  • User-friendly and ease of use by even finance professionals through MS Excel interface.
  • Support for Accounts dimension
  • Support for Custom dimension.
  • Handle Hierarchy related implicit share instances.
  • Fill properties intelligently for Account dimension members.
  • Intelligent filling of aggregation properties based on accounting logic.
  • Autofill & Plan type property value.
  • Support for EPMA & Classic Mode.
  • Error Log for identified possible errors prior to load exercise.
  • Option for textual output for error log.
  • Identification of possible 'Depreciation' member and necessary informational message for possible data mismatch issues with signage.
  • File check functionality to check errors within manually created load file in excel.
  • Option to generate metadata load file as per Classic / EPMA format from manually created load file for Accounts dimension.
  • Limited need of technical assistance by Finance Professionals for metadata load file creation (mostly in case of Saved Assumption)


  • Increased Project Team Productivity.
  • No change management issues expected as MS Excel interface is comfortable with Finance as well as Oracle Hyperion Support admin.
  • Cut down metadata file creation / updates into minutes.
  • Monthly metadata load is less time consuming for Oracle Hyperion support admin.
  • Save costs by cutting days from your project implementation timeline.
  • Updated Metadata from customer can be quickly turned to a Oracle Hyperion load file.
  • No additional investments of any sort.
  • Create multiple applications (POC, demo, test , Classic, EPMA, etc.) within minutes from metadata load file created by the program.
  • Conversion of classic format metadata load file into EPMA ADS format for Accounts dimension.



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  • Q) How does the system handle members marked as 'Saved Assumption'?
  • A) The system currently skips the intelligent aggregation property fill part of the program for such members.
  • Q) How does the system handle other dimension types?
  • A) Most of the time and energy spent in metadata creation process is spent towards Accounts dimension. Identifying the same and being prominent focus with domain expertise, the current release focussed approach was on Accounts dimension. We would be updating the program in future with released which would also assist in metadata creation for other dimensions as well
  • Q) How safe is this program? Does it collect, store or transmit any private / confidential information from the system where it is being accessed from?
  • A) The program collects few or all of the following information each time it is executed - domain information, user name, system date, system time and IP based geolocation information. None of the information is shared with the company server or by any means but the same is used to check the license validity only based on licensing type of the program.
  • Q) Are you open to feedbacks and suggestions on current release?
  • A) Please share your feedback or suggestions here (at
  • Q) Does the program cater to entire Oracle Hyperion EPM suite of products?
  • A) Currently, it is catering to Oracle Hyperion Planning. Future releases may incorporate support for other Oracle Hyperion EPM product suite.

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2) Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft and / or its affiliates.
3) Any other trademark, name, logo, images, etc. are copyright and trademark of its respective owner which also includes Innov8 Infinite Technology Pvt. Ltd.